Biomass of probiotic bacteria

We produce dry biomass of probiotic microorganisms «Astera» intended for the production of probiotic functional food products and biologically active food supplements.

Biomass «Astera» is characterized by a high titer of beneficial bacteria. The content of microorganisms of the genus  Bifidobacterium — 1*1010 CFU/g, Lactobacillus -1*109 CFU/g. The titer is retained by a gentle lyophilic drying process for biomass.

Depending on the intended use of Biomass, it is possible to form multi-strain compositions on an individual order.

Species composition of biomass

    Group of microorganisms      Species composition
Bifidobacteria B. bifidum
B. longum
B. adolescentis
В. breve
Lactobacillus L. acidophilus
L. plantarum
L. helveticus
Lactococcus lactis


Dry biomass of probiotic microorganisms is used for the production of biologically active food supplements and functional food products, such as cereals, muesli, bars, baby food mixes, and biofrozen. Dry biomass can be used in the production of bakery and sausage products.

In the cosmetic industry, probiotics are an active active ingredient and are added to creams and serums.

Release form: bags, plastic bottles, pen bottles with a volume of 50 g to 500 g.

Storage conditions: + 10° С

Expiration date: 2 years.

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