Probiotic production

Contract manufacturing of probiotics

JSC «Vector-BiAlgam» offers full-cycle contract manufacturing services - from the substance to the finished product.
The basis of most biotechnologies is the producer strain. JSC «Vector-BiAlgam» has more than 80 production strains of probiotics, which allows you to create many effective biological products.

The company can carry out the following processes under controlled conditions:

  • Fermentation
  • Immobilization
  • Aseptic filling
  • Lyophilization
  • Mixing dry ingredients
  • Capsule filling
  • Packing in sachets

The company also offers the possibility of cooperation on the «in-bulk» system.

Our production capabilities

  • Liquid forms of dietary supplements and bioproducts in vials or bottles;
  • Solid forms of probiotics and symbiotics: tablets, powders in sachets, capsules.

Production capacity

  • Obtaining liquid biomass by deep fermentation - up to 10 thousand l/month;
  • Aseptic filling of liquid forms of probiotics - up to 300 thousand vials/month;
  • Obtaining dry biomass by lyophilization - up to 40 kg/month;
  • Production of capsules with probiotics - up to 500 thousand pieces/month;
  • Sterile enzymatic bacterial lysates — up to 600 l/month.

Our advantages

  • Modern production sites licensed for compliance with GMP and HACCP standards;
  • Integrated QMS (quality management system), experienced and highly qualified personnel;
  • Possibility of manufacturing both experimental and industrial series;
  • Flexible pricing policy.

Development and contract manufacturing of multicomponent probiotics and synbiotics consists of the following main stages:

— Creation of a selective microbial base of the drug from different strains of bacteria-probiotics. The stage is complicated by the necessary creation of conditions for the ecological and physiological compatibility of bacteria. Requires multiple cultivation of consortiums with culling parameters: titer, safety, activity.
— Selection and introduction of prebiotic components into the preparations: for example, lactulose (stimulates the growth of bifidus and lactobacilli), vitamin C (participates in redox processes), MCC (removal of toxins and radionuclides). It is necessary to solve the problem of incompatibility of components.
— Optimization of technological processes: fermentation, freeze drying, mixing, encapsulation.

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