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Immunobiological production

  • In 2019, the company began bottling the hepatitis A vaccine "ALGAVAK® M" in syringe doses. For this, a new production site was launched and certified. The cost of the project exceeded 600 million rubles.
  • A vaccine against hepatitis A has been developed for children from one year old. At the moment, documents are being prepared and a company is being selected to conduct clinical trials of the drug.
  • The company is involved in the development of a drug for the treatment of breast cancer. The release of the drug is planned at the production base of Vector-BiAlgam JSC.

Probiotic production

The range of manufactured products today exceeds 40 items. Main types:

  • BAD-probiotics in active liquid form: «Bifidum BAG», «Trilakt», «NariLak Forte-V»;
  • BAD-symbiotics in capsules: «Probioflor Bifidum», «Probioflor Lakto», «Probioflor Complex»;
  • BAA in sachets «Ecoflor» - a complex of 11 strains of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli immobilized on an enterosorbent;
  • Dry multi-species starter cultures for the preparation of probiotic fermented milk products at home;
  • Starter cultures-probiotics of direct introduction (DVS) for the dairy industry;
  • Biomass of bifidus and lactobacilli «Astera» for the pharmaceutical and food industries;
  • Sour-milk probiotic functional food products of the «BIFIDOM» series: Bifidokefir, Bifacil and Bifatonic;
  • Liquid lysates of probiotic bacteria: «BifiLiz», «LactoLiz», «PropioLiz».

All technological procedures for quality control and safety comply with international GMP and HACCP standards.